Ski & snowboarding resorts in Moscow region

Ski & snowboarding in Moscow region? Easy doable! Check out on top 4 resorts to hone on your skills.
  1. “Sorochany” ski and snowboarding resort 

Located 49 km away from Moscow city, the finest equipment and well-kept slopes are a lot to brag about.

There are 10 slopes up to 1 km in length for various level of experience. Some slopes suit perfectly for beginners, others, called “black slopes” are, solely, reserved for advanced riders. As for height of slopes, it reaches the 225 meters. Three bar lifts and 2 chair-lifts (2 and 4 seats). Children’s lift is, also, present. Toddlers can be safely left in a special children’s play ground. Artificial snow generators do their best when nature output is scanty. For those who is concerned about quality experience, it’s worthwhile to notice that caliber of slopes was confirmed by International Snowboarding Federation. European-level competitions take place, from time to time, as well.


2.  “Volen Stepanovo” ski resort

Area, mostly, suitable for beginners and intermediate level riders. Consisting of 4 slopes with 2 of them are “green routes” for very beginners , though, has 1 the longest in the area (almost 1 km in longevity). Wanna prepare yourself for more advanced resorts such as Alps? Sure place to go and have initial practice or hone on already learned skills!


3. “Volen Yakhroma” ski & snowboarding park

Located within 4 km proximity from “Volen Stepanovo”. Yakhroma park is a part of Volen resort.

It has much more slopes than Stepanovo (14, by latest count). Quite suitable option for price sensitive riders (cheapest ski pass compared to nearby resorts). If you are more riding in the dark, then, well-illuminated slopes makes the experience more enriched even in overcast days. 11 lifts (bar/chair) will get you up the slope. Multiple days stay is possible thanks to hotel located right inside the resort.


4. Fox rock (Lisya Gora)

Located 10 minutes Eastern direction off Moscow, to be precise, Balashiha. This place attracts more advanced riders who value free ride style wanna hone their hard-to-overcome flips. Though, ski jumpers of every level of expertise will find some trail here. Snow tubing fun for those who don’t want to go extreme and just wanna spend exciting time with relatives or friends.

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