Best skating rinks in Moscow

As far as you've got to Moscow somehow and it's below 0 degrees, you, probably, start thinking about outdoor activities. Among the most reasonable options is to visit a skating rink! iFind prepared the short-list of 4 rinks for your pleasure.

1. Gorky Park Skating Rink

Who is on the top? Of course, it’s the rink located in Gorky Park. In 2018, the main theme of the rink is “happiness factory”. Upon entering you are exposed to neon conveyer belt with moving boxes with skates inside.

Christmas music blasts through the high-end boom boxes. Neon lights work in tandem with it. Jaded of flying along glimmering paths? Indulge in the eating spree on a food zone. Blini (national thin pancakes) and mulled wine will warm you up. In the weekend you can have fun till midnight. As for the entry fee, expect to pay around 6oo rubles (~$8) for a single unlimited pass.


2. Red Square Rink in front of Kremlin walls

Oh dear, what a feeling to glide through the ice observing the main architectural proudness of Moscow City. Red Square is big enough to contain the whole skating rink. Of course, the grandeur of it is, comparatively, modest, though, experience what matters! As an outcome, the limited capacity of 450 people and hour-limited pass are the main shortcomings. Entrance fees are decent and 500 rubles are to be spent ($7.50). Equipment rental is at one’s disposal.


3. Rink on Patriarch’s Ponds

As rink bears a natural character, that is, it only becomes active when it’s below 0 degrees. Historical location, beautiful scenery around and spirit of time will be your companions. Leo Tolstoy, one of the greatest Russian writers,  mentioned this place in his roman.


4.  VDNKh Skating Rink

The biggest Russian rink with 5000 people simultaneous capacity. Such a beast! 20,000 square meters of busy icy paths and illuminated side-walks. MUST VISITED! Weekends fees are higher, so weekdays are more preferable and less burdened! Separate area for young skaters. Snow tubing option is for your fun, as well! Even curling is included. Can you imagine that?

Decorated all along with art objects it stuns any observing eye. Open till 23:00. Fares vary from 250- up to 500 rubles.


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