Visiting Lenin’s Mausoleum

Nerd guide 🤓


Inches away from Kremlin Wall, indeed, chunk of leftover of Soviet time, Vladimir Lenin’s Tomb has been preserving its spot at the heart of Red Square. As outlandish as one may think about this embalmed body, this attraction still sees queuing people in the anticipation of throwing a loath-full glance to the remains of one of the greatest leaders of Soviet era.

Featured attraction topping “must seen” list brings over 2 million people on early basis. So to equip your with an expert advice on getting to this iconic spot, iFind decided to write exhaustive travel guide.

Exposed to public starting from from August 1924, the tomb itself, quite huge, to be precise 78 ft long, as well as 39 ft in height holding inside  a glass sarcophagus with the embalmed body. As for illumination, dim lighting conditions is the only option available to visitors so they will be able to grab at least some details or, at the other hand, won’t be very watchful no to be stunned. 😂

Other attractions located within walking distance are as follow, St Basil’s Cathedral, Kremlin and GUM central department store.


Due to strict security concerns metal objects such as cell phones and photo cameras aren’t allowed to be brought in. Security guard and metal detector will scrutinize you thoroughly so be prepared!


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